Yuri Mikoyanovich Kuznetsov

last updated: 11/24/15


basic kuz/9chan history

pre-9ch - 2005 - 2006 - 2008 - 2009



9channel (9ch) is a Russian imageboard about anime & politics, made in 2005 by a teen with too much time on his hands. its one of the biggest IB's in eastern europe. kuznetsov (kuz) is a 27 year old (as of 2015) Russian programmer and "internet enterepneuer" according to wikipedia.

i hope in this page to educate both newfags and oldfags about kuz and 9chan. im making this page as a way to tell the story, i am not russian, i am not a 9ch mod, just a intrigued outsider and kuz stalker (i met him in-person in 2008!).

pre-9ch (2002-2004)

In the early to mid 2000s, kuz spent most of his time browsing random internet forums, teaching himself english, and getting into trouble. in 2002, he was 14 years old, at this age he purchased himself a computer. throughout his mid-teens in 2003 and 2004 he would regularly visit 2chan.net, though he spoke nearly no japanese. Despite various rumors, kuznetsov never frequented SA as much as moot did, though he did visit there on several occasions. On october 5th, 3 days after 4chan was created, kuznetsov visited the site. He was inspired by the design. He and moot became regular contacts around this time. Its worth noting that kuz and moot were born within 3 months of eachother. Through 2003 and 2004, kuz taught himself PHP and basic HTML/CSS.

early 9ch

On March 14th, 2005, in a late spring evening, kuznetsov created 9ch8br, short for 9channels8birds, yet another runet meme that i as a westerner fail to understand. The site was later just shorted to "9ch" or "9channel" as we liked to call it. It was incredibly basic in terms of looks, a dark blue background, white text, and minimal UI. This was almost certainly inspired by another japanese textboard called ayashiis world. The site was almost exclusively used for sharing pornography, pirated anime, and other "controversial" content. In late 2005, it likely had under 1,000 daily active users. The site had no textboards, no imageboards, just a single screen with a file uploading button and a menu for viewing and selecting files below. this board was called /ap/ or "apex" (another runet meme?).

dcp, 9ch explosion, and kuz marries

In early 2006, very shortly before kuz's 18th birthday, he made a newspost to the now growing population of 9ch users (around 4,500). I have translated best i can (dont know any russian, just an american fan of russian internet stuff) this was his last newspost for 3 years, his next being in 2008.


I come bearing news. Firstly, of bulletin boards. We have them now, please do use them appropriatley because me and my dearest friend and our newest developer, DCPDEV, have worked arduosly on them. You may use them to post images, shockwave flash, GIF, and other things. Please, do not upload pornography to the bulletin boards, and do not upload to them very quickly with lots of nonsense. I made 2 of these bulletin boards, /a/ is for discussion of anime, and /ap/. the latter of which is the counterpart to the /ap/ file uploader.

Secondly, DCPDEV will be our co-administrator for the time being, as i am taking an.. extended break for personal life reasons. [translators note: marriage] Do not worry, i am coming back shortly. Expect 7 or 8 days of absence. Sadly, i will not be around for the 1 year anniversary on 9channel. But i hope you all the best in the time being.

— kuzya

in the early months of 2006, 9channel was exploding with activity. with /ap/ reaching its 1,000th post within a day of opening. and with the new co-administrator, DCP, long, drawn out nuisances and bugs that kuz didnt handle, were finally fixed. several years later, his wife, masha alekseevna, passed away in a mechanical accident.


kuz, dcp, and then-mod yemuri-san (yemu). (FORSHADOWING!!) organized a convention to take place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 30th, 2008, right on kuz's 20th birthday. kuz made the gargantuan trip from Omsk, to Saint Petersburg, and arrived at the Saint Petersburg Convention center on June 26th. Other 9chan users arrived before, during, and after this date. (including me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). For many 9chan users, this was their first time seeing the fabled admin. interjection!, personally i assumed he would be some young, scraggly nerd with 0 social skills, and was very surprised to see a somewhat normal looking adult man with swept black hair, a gaunt, slightly thin looking body, and a thick eastern accent. He socialized with some of the other attendees and many lols were had and pictures took. Kuz, wearing a oversized white tshirt with the russian words meaning "BIRTHDAY BOY" scribbled on in black ink, took stage, with roughly 250 9channers watching. He talked about the importance of anonymity, censorship, and other "srs" shit until moving onto anime (including serial expiriments lain, his favorite at that time), his struggles with php, and other less srs stuf. dcp also took stage and talked about 9chans future, looked at some stats, and then talked about the animes. Kuz then held a looong q/a session with 9chan users, where everyone (almost everyone) made fun of him for looking like a gook, amongst.. other things. Someone also made the mistake of giving kuz glowsticks which he started drunkenly dancing with and throwing at people. the day ended and everyone fell asleep around the convention (they werent supposed to do that). the next day, kuz gave a goodbye speech in the morning, and departed back to his homeplace. others stayed for saint petersburg, some left shortly after, and most left the day after.


2009 is often regarded as 9chans peak, due to the high activity levels, new boards, and funniest lols. kuz himself also seemed to.. "enjoy" this year. On January 15th, 2009, kuz made his 10th ever newspost. This one was short, concise, and to the point. He elaborated that he would be visiting poland for a month, and that 9chan would be adding 6 new boards to accompany the addition 20,000 people who now visited the site on a daily basis. now.. all was fine over at 9chan, people assumed kuz was just going on another one of his "extended breaks" little did they know.. to cut a long story very short, kuz went to poland, met some ~~~~questionable~~~~ gurls, and.. well... fux0rd them. During what i assume was a very weird experience for the girls, they found out things about kuz's life such as 9chan, and in one HELL of a weird spiral of events, they ended up getting his username and password for 9chan, resulting in it being vandalized. kuz changed the password, explained himself, and was 9chans #1 laughing stock for a few months forever.

and thats it. thats all i wanted to really make, im sure most of you know other various events that have happening, such as yemus drama, cvnka, kuz fucking poles again, and other shit. but i dont think many know about early 9ch (05-10). hope this helps!